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Use AWS Well-Architected Tool to review your app architecture

AWS Well-Architected Tool is a service available in AWS Management Console that provides a consistent process to review and measure your cloud architecture in accordance with AWS best practices. The service is based on AWS Well-Architected Framework, a collection of available strategies that align user workloads with AWS standards.

In this video, Nick Rimmer, a TechSnips contributor and lead infrastructure developer at Fiserv, shows you how to use AWS Well-Architected Tool to build and plan your workloads to meet the latest AWS architectural best practices.

These best practices are based on what AWS describes as the five pillars of its Well-Architected Framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization. The service offers recommendations that should make your workloads more reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective and scale over time, and it costs nothing to use.

How AWS Well-Architected Tool works

To get started, navigate to the Well-Architected Tool page, and click define workload. Fill out your workload basics, such as industry type, region and environment, and click define workload again.

AWS Well-Architected Tool then guides you through a systematic workload review. There's some room for customization, as the service lets you prioritize certain pillars -- security, for instance -- over others.

Once you've completed your first review, you can generate a written report in PDF that describes which pillar and AWS best practices you prioritized in your review. Then, you can go back to your workloads tab and click on improvement plan to see where you can still address vulnerabilities and optimize your workload. From there, you can dig into the most pressing workload recommendations.

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