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Lambda support for PowerShell Core opens developer doors

Updates this year to AWS Lambda could make the event-driven platform more attractive to Microsoft developers.

AWS' addition of Lambda support for the PowerShell Core framework means developers can test and run any .NET Core code in serverless Lambda environments. This makes it easier to integrate testing with other native services, as well as locally test Lambda code. Another benefit of this support is that a developer's entire ASP.NET Core application can run via a single function.

PowerShell Core support came after AWS added .NET Core 2.0 on Lambda in January.

However, Lambda still runs on Linux, which means it doesn't support Windows .NET development, and any application that needs Windows can't run in Lambda, either.

Still, Lambda support for PowerShell Core does expand the ways a developer can incorporate functions into AWS workloads. In this video, Adam Bertram, a SearchAWS contributor and founder of TechSnips, walks through the steps needed to set up a Powershell environment with Lambda. He explains how to install PowerShell -- AWS requires version 6.0 or higher to work with Lambda. Bertram also shows how to install the latest .NET Core software development kit with long-term support and how to download the AWSLambdaPSCore module so a developer can get up and running.

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