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AWS case studies prove enterprise cloud readiness


Native AWS cloud management tools miss the mark

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Cloud costs are a concern for every enterprise. An inefficient cloud operation means unhappy executives, which does not bode well for IT teams. But knowing how to operate efficiently in AWS and reducing wasted compute resources are different tasks.

Because cyDaptiv Solutions works with the federal government and government contractors, it needed a tool to manage governance. The IT security consultancy turned to a tool developed by Cloudnexa, a Philadelphia-based AWS Premier Partner -- among other AWS cloud management tools -- to analyze AWS weaknesses and inefficiencies for clients to resolve. The Cloudnexa tool imports data from AWS Config and groups it into snapshots for a historical view of the AWS resources of a particular business, along with graphical reports to analyze CloudTrail and CloudWatch data.

The tool allows cyDaptiv to pull reports on clients' AWS resources and present them in a more graphical manner, as opposed to the cumbersome, abstract manner with which the AWS Management Console details AWS usage.

Read the full story to find out more about Cloudnexa's AWS cloud management tools, and how cyDaptiv put them to use.

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Are native AWS cloud management tools enough for your company? Why or why not?
AWS (or any platform) has an advantage over packaged software in that they can tell what is being used the most from their marketplace, and they have insight into 3rd-party SaaS tools that are used with AWS resources. This lets them have better insight to improve their initial tools, decide when to let the ecosystem thrive and innovate, and when to consider adding new functionality to their existing tools. If you ever attend a re:Invent event, there is always concern by the ecosystem that AWS won't announce a competitive service. It's the game of "companies as features" vs. "companies as platforms".