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Healthcare, HPC could be next areas for AWS growth

AWS made an unexpected play into the gaming market with Amazon Lumberyard. And AWS' future successes could depend on other market expansions.

When Amazon released Lumberyard, its 3D game engine that allows developers to connect games to the compute and storage resources of the AWS cloud, it moved into the fast-paced gaming market. And if the cloud provider is going after the gaming market now, what other markets does it plan to target as areas for AWS growth in the future?

AWS, which already dominates the public cloud space, fits into a variety of potential markets, including media and entertainment, research and development and healthcare. The cloud giant has focused on media and entertainment for some time, already defining an AWS digital media service portfolio. However, AWS' growth could lead toward a big play in improving services for content ingestion, as well as mass storage of content and delivery through streaming, either independently or through a supply chain.

AWS, which already dominates the public cloud space, fits into a variety of potential markets, including media and entertainment, research and development, and healthcare.

Such a service could revolutionize the way companies provide media and entertainment. Those businesses would have the ability to not only use the public cloud as a path to produce, refine and store content, but also use it to broker content on the same platform. The cost to produce a quality documentary could be cut in half -- with the ability to circumvent a traditional distributor that might take a much larger percentage for a new independent channel that returns most of the revenue back to the creators. Self-publishing on changed the publishing industry -- it could do similar for video production, operations and distribution.

The focus on R&D could center on services that provide compute and storage power for those teams. High-performance computing (HPC) systems are out of reach for most R&D departments, but AWS can provide HPC services at a cost point that allows teams with limited grant money to do more within their areas of focus.

While AWS does offer HPC services, the ability to focus these services at the R&D market means that the cloud provider will need to integrate big data services into an innovative, packaged offering. Much like the media and entertainment vertical, the idea would be to provide one-stop shopping with a complete set of turnkey services, specifically created for that vertical.

And while AWS' growth has already led the cloud provider into the healthcare market, it could offer services for advanced analytics and machine learning. Such prebuilt services would give healthcare providers analytical tools coupled to machine learning systems that supply the most likely diagnosis based upon data present in the system.

For example, a system could provide an automated determination that a patient is likely to have a stroke in the next 90 days based upon blood data, vitals recorded over time using wearable devices and a vast amount of diagnosis and historical outcome data. This system would allow small healthcare services to compete in the market, leveling the playing field in terms of the quality of care that everyone can receive. And it could significantly cut costs.

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