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Re:Invent 2013: AWS products and announcements come flooding in

Discover the latest AWS products being announced at re:Invent so you have all the information you need to master the AWS cloud.

Amazon Web Services executives, customers, developers and technology partners gathered at re:Invent 2013 to launch their new products and discuss up-and-coming trends in the industry. The largest AWS event of the year, this conference offered key insights and announcements for those interested in using AWS products and for those current users who wished to capitalize on their services. Read here for the latest tools and reports so you have all the information you need to master the AWS cloud.

The largest AWS event of the year, this conference offered key insights and announcements for those interested in using AWS products.

ExtraHop for AWS

ExtraHop Networks Inc., a Seattle-based operational intelligence company, offered live demos of its new product, ExtraHop for AWS. Designed to accelerate public cloud adoption, this product monitors across AWS services -- such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Relational Database Service, Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Load Balancing, Elasticache, DNS, etc. -- by implementing a data analytics platform that spans on-premises and cloud environments. All of this data is consolidated on a single management pane so that ExtraHop for AWS provides operational visibility to IT teams wishing to improve security and monitoring accuracy, as well as identify applications for migration.

GenieDB Management Console

This San Juan Capistrano, Calif.-based provider of MySQL as a Service  announced the release of its management console, intended to automate database administration. The online management system expedites the provisioning process of geo-distributed MySQL databases by simplifying the creation and maintenance of these databases. GenieDB Management Console automates updates, tuning and backup processes so that, as GenieDB CEO Cary Breese put it, companies will be able to stay focused on primary business matters while GenieDB takes care of outages, availability and application response time.

Attunity CloudBeam 2.0

At this year's conference, Attunity Inc. launched Attunity CloudBeam 2.0, a managed data delivery service for AWS. This Burlington, Mass.-based company specializes in data management, and CloudBeam 2.0 promises to quickly and securely move company data into the Amazon cloud. According to benchmark tests, Attunity CloudBeam 2.0 is able to transfer data from on-premises systems to Amazon S3 at 12 TB per day. Company representatives gave live demonstrations at the event.

Syncsort Ironcluster

Syncsort Inc., a Woodcliff Lake, N.J,-based software company, showcased its new AWS product, a data integration engine for Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). Syncsort Ironcluster provides elastic Hadoop Extract, Transform and Load as a Service to help companies transfer old data processing workloads from mainframe systems and legacy data warehouses to Amazon EMR. Syncsort asserts that Ironcluster provides a graphical interface intuitive enough to preclude the need for complex MapReduce programming skills or investment in a personal Hadoop cluster.

Intigua AWS Management Module

This IT as a Service company, headquartered in Newton, Mass., virtualizes the whole IT management stack, both for public and private clouds. During the conference, Intigua demonstrated its new automation platform, AWS Management Module. Extended to support Amazon Web Services, this product aims to keep virtual machine instances in AWS consistent with private cloud VMs. This way, companies transferring to the AWS cloud can maintain all the same corporate policies regarding service level agreements, security and compliance. Shimon Hason, CEO of Intigua, believes this service is crucial to tapping into the speed and agility of the cloud while maintaining proper governance and security.

Riverbed Technology Stingray Traffic Manager

Riverbed Technology Inc., a San Francisco-based application performance company, announced the release of its Stingray Traffic Manager for AWS GovCloud. Stingray Traffic Manager is an application delivery controller that Riverbed promises will improve the performance and security of government applications. Residing in an isolated region of the AWS cloud, GovCloud is dedicated to U.S. government agencies, so that with the proper governance, they can transfer confidential data to the cloud. Max Peterson, director of AWS' public sector, believes that agencies who feel increasing pressure to deploy workloads to the cloud will be able to securely do so by optimizing their IT infrastructure with Stingray Traffic Manager and securing their cloud environment with AWS GovCloud.

Afore AWS security suite

Headquartered in Ottawa, Afore Solutions Inc. specializes in cloud security. At the AWS conference, it announced the release of its AWS security suite, a data encryption service for AWS cloud customers. The new software encrypts data, whether at rest or in motion, so that confidential information such as email and management programs can reside on the cloud without the threat of hacks or leaks. The encryption key for the Afore suite is controlled by users of the AWS product. In other words, data only ever decrypts for trusted applications.


Hadoop as a Service provider Xplenty Ltd. announced its new partnership with Amazon Web Services. Based in Tel Aviv, the company will now offer big data processing to AWS customers. Xplenty helps companies manage big data and to "future-proof" the systems of those companies whose data isn't big yet, but will be. 

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