AWS lowers database pricing for reserved instances

Amazon Web Services will allow its Relational Database Service customers to lower their hourly rates with one-time payments.

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AWS announces one-time payments for database service
Amazon Web Services has said it will now allow customers of its Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to make low, one-time payments in order to lock in an hourly rate cheaper than general, on-demand pricing. RDS Reserved Instances provide the option of a one- or three-year term, during which time users will receive discounts off hourly usage rates that are higher the longer the DB Instance is used. After the single payment, however, customers are under no obligation to continue running it. RDS is a service that helps clients set up, operate and scale a relational database in the cloud.

The AWS blog post announcing the new pricing option -- starting at $227.50 for a small instance for one year -- mentions that the feature has been long-awaited by some users. A string of comments on the AWS Discussion Forums from June, July and earlier this month show customers with bated breath. User ediogenstevem is especially ecstatic, exclaiming that "This is excellent news indeed!"

Chinese tech firm celebrates cloud success
Chinese tech firm Subaye launch a cloud services arm last year, and the company now reports it has almost 10,000 cloud customers. Revenues amount to $1 million per month, and Subaye, which mostly does online video processing and hosting, sees opportunity for more growth ahead.

Subaye reports $45 million in revenue last year, so if that cloud bonanza is new money, that's a powerful testament indeed. If, on the other hand, Subaye is just taking the opportunity to pitch its existing online services as "cloud," then it's less impressive. The proof is in the pudding, of course -- if Subaye is a $60 million dollar firm next year, we'll all know.

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