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Sights from AWS re:Invent 2017 through the eyes of attendees

AWS users voiced their opinions via Twitter from re:Invent in Las Vegas, reacting to long lines, new services and the massive scale of the conference.

AWS' annual conference returned to Las Vegas last week. IT professionals arrived in Sin City to network, learn...

more about the AWS platform and hear about emerging services and partnerships.

New features garnered most of the buzz for AWS re:Invent 2017, but plenty else happened outside the keynotes. The event spanned five hotels and conference centers, and the expanded campus seemed to irk some on social media, who complained about exorbitant lines for sessions and shuttles. Re:Invent 2017 attendees also shared photos related to a host of topics, including swag, service reveals, non-tech-related events and the overall scale of the conference.

SearchAWS scanned Twitter for a snippet of noteworthy tweets from the AWS re:Invent 2017 conference. Here's a recap of social media posts and photos from the many attendees of the Amazon cloud conference.

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What did you like or dislike about your re:Invent experience this year?
I really enjoyed the bootcamps and breakout sessions.  I found moving through so many people to be a challenge.  And the lines for the shuttles were incredibly long. In most cases, I found walking to be more effective.  I strongly recommend that attendees wear very comfortable walking shoes and bring a bike, if possible.