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July/August 2017, Vol. 6, No. 7

Serverless computing architecture, microservices boost cloud outlook

With the current rate of innovation in cloud computing, the industry is loaded with acronyms and buzzwords that, on the surface, might be misleading or just plain confusing. You may have heard about people building applications using serverless computing platforms or designing software that runs on a microservices architecture. Even though these ideas sound like hype, the reality is that they're changing the way businesses build, deploy and operate applications. A serverless computing architecture is a way for developers to build applications without having to think about servers. It's simply a layer of abstraction that enables developers to focus on writing code while ignoring the concept of servers and traditional infrastructure. In 2014, Amazon released AWS Lambda, a service that enables developers to create cloud-based functions that run on an existing fleet of managed instances. AWS later released its API Gateway service, which can be used to provision a public endpoint to invoke Lambda functions over HTTP. Together, AWS ...

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