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Explore new AWS offerings for developers and enterprises alike

This Amazon Web Services guide contains expert insights and tips on three new AWS offerings: AppStream, Kinesis and WorkSpaces. It also provides advice for managing overprovisioning in AWS and other cloud environments.


Amazon Web Services just keeps growing and growing. Late 2013 saw the announcement of three major new AWS offerings:

As of early 2014, only Amazon Kinesis is widely available, with the other two services remaining in "limited preview" format. But all three are poised to shake up how both developers and businesses use the cloud.

This guide introduces the three new AWS offerings, providing insights about whether and when to use them. As a bonus, it includes two videos from the most recent Amazon re:Invent conference that examine the issue of overprovisioning. The guide also offers an extensive glossary of AWS-related terms, and there's even a quiz that will test your knowledge.

1AWS insights-

Learning all about AWS

Find everything you need to know about Amazon Web Services. This section includes tips, frequently asked questions and expert responses on everything related to the three new AWS offerings: AppStream, Kinesis and WorkSpaces.


Real-time processing with Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis was launched at the 2013 AWS conference, fueling lots of questions. Find all the answers here. Continue Reading


When to use Amazon Kinesis

In this expert answer, Chris Moyer offers advice on using Amazon Kinesis for near-real-time processing of streaming big data. Continue Reading


Using Amazon AppStream for resource-gobbling apps

In this feature, frequently asked questions about Amazon Web Services' new developer tool, Amazon AppStream, are resolved. Continue Reading


AppStream and Kinesis: Data flow services

Learn why AppStream and Kinesis are two services aimed at supporting large data streams. Continue Reading


All about Amazon WorkSpaces

Find the answers to common questions about Amazon Web Services' new cloud-based desktop service, WorkSpaces. Continue Reading


Securing the cloud-based virtual desktop

At AWS re:Invent, Mark Nunnikhoven, a principal engineer for Trend Micro Inc., talked about cloud security and Amazon WorkSpaces and all the possibilities the new product opens up. Continue Reading


FAQ: About the AWS Marketplace

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding software buyers and sellers in the AWS marketplace. Continue Reading

2AWS Videos-

AWS advice concerning over-provisioning

Experts answer question about AWS, cloud computing and overprovisioning in this video section. Take a look at how different experts answer common AWS concerns about avoiding buying too much of one thing and not enough of another.


Cloud mistake: What to do about overprovisioning

Learn what to do when you've found that you're purchasing too much cloud computing power. Continue Reading


Cost-control strategies in AWS

For organizations that have moved to the cloud, they are overprovisioning resources without any cost-control tools. Continue Reading


What do you know about AWS services?

Find out if you can answer questions on AWS Infrastructure as a Service. This quiz was designed to test your knowledge on the subject and then gives you the correct answers if you've missed any.

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4AWS defined-

AWS glossary of terms

What is AWS? Find definitions for all terms related to Amazon Web Services in our glossary section, as well as links to related articles, news and tips.

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