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Explore hybrid cloud computing's uses and best practices

Nearly half of large enterprises will have deployed a hybrid cloud by the end of 2017, according to Gartner Inc. In this guide, we look at the pros, cons and types of hybrid cloud computing approaches.


Is a hybrid cloud strategy that includes public and private cloud still viable? Nay, says AWS senior vice president Andrew Jassy, who touts an all-public -- namely, all-AWS -- cloud. Yet, nearly half of large enterprises will have deployed a hybrid cloud by the end of 2017, according to Gartner Inc. In this guide, we look at the pros, cons, types and benefits of hybrid cloud approaches. Also, experts offer commentary and best practice advice on how global reach, security, compliance, reliability and other issues impact businesses' cloud decisions. We'll also present views on products and services that support hybrid cloud implementations.

1Hybrid cloud computing-

Understanding AWS hybrid cloud computing

Learn about the orientation of hybrid cloud computing and the future intentions of hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud has changed immensely in the past decade and at 2013's AWS Summit, predictions were made for future endeavors. Find the latest news on products, services and how enterprises are using hybrid cloud computing to their advantage.


Enterprise market shaping AWS hybrid cloud

Find some help in making the right decision on AWS hybrid cloud for your enterprise. Continue Reading


Why hybrid IT is working for cloud enterprises

At the 2013 AWS Summit, enterprises explain why they are embracing cloud by way of hybrid IT architectures. Continue Reading


VMware competes against AWS with vCloud Hybrid Cloud Service

VMware's vCloud Hybrid Cloud Service will go up against Amazon Web Services for enterprise IaaS later this year. Continue Reading


Private storage for public cloud offerings from NetApp and Equinix

NetApp Private Storage for AWS connects NetApp private storage systems hosted in Equinix data centers to AWS. Continue Reading


AWS used for startup's infrastructure

AWS is enticing small businesses that anticipate growth to become AWS customers. Continue Reading


Google attempts to close the gap on AWS

Discounts for sustained use bring true utility computing a step closer and could help Google close the gap on Amazon Web Services. Continue Reading


Amazon cloud offerings: A decade later

Take a look back at the decade since the start of AWS -- from message queuing to running IT operations at Netflix, NASA and Dow Jones. Continue Reading

2Private vs. public cloud-

Comparing private and public cloud

What are the differences between public and private cloud? Which makes more sense for your enterprise? Find the answers to these questions and more on this debate in this section.


What to do about private vs. public cloud

Learn what to do if public cloud is making your enterprise uneasy and private clouds seem difficult. Continue Reading


Comparing application support for private and public cloud

IT experts advise on which application support works best within various infrastructures in public and private cloud. Continue Reading


What's wrong with private cloud?

AWS Senior Vice President Andy Jassy slams private cloud suppliers for failing to deliver cloud benefits. Continue Reading


Beware of cloud washing

Learn about cloud washing and why enterprises need to be aware of it. Continue Reading


While public cloud grows, private prevails

Security concerns keep private clouds at the forefront of the market, but more organizations are seeing the benefits of public cloud computing. Continue Reading

3Fundamentals of hybrid-

Building a hybrid cloud

What are the fundamentals of hybrid cloud computing? Here's where to begin and how best to overcome management challenges. Find tips and expert advice from users in the IT enterprise who use hybrid cloud computing.


Picking your hybrid cloud strategy's starting point

A hybrid cloud strategy begins at one of two starting points: public or private cloud. Continue Reading


Working with hybrid cloud's public and private cloud pieces

To create an efficient hybrid cloud, IT pros must mix and match the best public and private clouds. Continue Reading


How to manage the hybrid cloud model

Find the best advice to help you reach that goal in the next year for hybrid cloud models. Continue Reading


What are the fundamentals of the hybrid cloud computing model?

Learn about three important factors in hybrid cloud, security, connectivity and portability. Continue Reading


You already know about the challenges in hybrid cloud management

Hybrid clouds bring familiar management challenges as well as their own issues. Learn how to overcome them. Continue Reading


Cost and governance boost users to hybrid cloud model

Enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud to cut costs and implement governance. Continue Reading

4Glossary -

Hybrid cloud terms

Need a refresher on cloud computing terms? Find definitions for hybrid cloud computing related terms in this section.

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