Explore hybrid cloud computing's uses and best practices

Last updated:June 2014

Editor's note

Is a hybrid cloud strategy that includes public and private cloud still viable? Nay, says AWS senior vice president Andrew Jassy, who touts an all-public -- namely, all-AWS -- cloud. Yet, nearly half of large enterprises will have deployed a hybrid cloud by the end of 2017, according to Gartner Inc. In this guide, we look at the pros, cons, types and benefits of hybrid cloud approaches. Also, experts offer commentary and best practice advice on how global reach, security, compliance, reliability and other issues impact businesses' cloud decisions. We'll also present views on products and services that support hybrid cloud implementations.

1Comparing private and public cloud

What are the differences between public and private cloud? Which makes more sense for your enterprise? Find the answers to these questions and more on this debate in this section.

2Building a hybrid cloud

What are the fundamentals of hybrid cloud computing? Here's where to begin and how best to overcome management challenges. Find tips and expert advice from users in the IT enterprise who use hybrid cloud computing.

3Hybrid cloud terms

Need a refresher on cloud computing terms? Find definitions for hybrid cloud computing related terms in this section.