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An insider's look at AWS re:Invent 2014

Last updated:November 2014

Editor's note

There's no denying that Amazon Web Services has a hold on the public cloud market. Its constant output of new products and services, data center location expansions, and frequent price cuts have kept it at the forefront. AWS has won over start-ups and Web-based companies, but it has yet to get much traction within the enterprise.  Already, Microsoft and Google are gaining fast on AWS. The question is what can AWS do to keep its lead?

At the cloud provider's premiere conference, AWS re:Invent 2014, educational tracks are aimed at an enterprise audience. Some sessions focus on how to use AWS with Microsoft and Oracle, while others show traditional IT pros how to move critical workloads to the cloud.

And while the AWS ecosystem is diverse, we will focus on three areas that are of interest to the IT audience: applications, architecture and security. By doing so, we hope to help corporations better understand AWS and where it makes sense when making IT business decisions.

1Shoring up an AWS cloud

Data security continues to be a major concern for the public cloud, especially for highly regulated or data-sensitive fields, such as government or financial markets. AWS continues to add features and services to help ease customer cloud worries, including encryption, authentication and more. But are they enough to make customers feel safe?