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An insider's look at AWS re:Invent 2014

Your all-access guide to AWS re:Invent, Nov. 11-14 in Las Vegas


There's no denying that Amazon Web Services has a hold on the public cloud market. Its constant output of new products and services, data center location expansions, and frequent price cuts have kept it at the forefront. AWS has won over start-ups and Web-based companies, but it has yet to get much traction within the enterprise.  Already, Microsoft and Google are gaining fast on AWS. The question is what can AWS do to keep its lead?

At the cloud provider's premiere conference, AWS re:Invent 2014, educational tracks are aimed at an enterprise audience. Some sessions focus on how to use AWS with Microsoft and Oracle, while others show traditional IT pros how to move critical workloads to the cloud.

And while the AWS ecosystem is diverse, we will focus on three areas that are of interest to the IT audience: applications, architecture and security. By doing so, we hope to help corporations better understand AWS and where it makes sense when making IT business decisions.

1AWS applications-

Application deployment and management

Building and managing applications on AWS isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3. But with trends like Docker hitting the cloud, many Amazon users hope for some app-headache reprieve in the near future. While AWS has a stronghold in the startup community, other cloud providers like Google and Microsoft are moving in. And as competition among cloud vendors heats up, consumers are looking at all the angles for app deployment, management and monitoring.


What tops IT pros wish lists for re:Invent?

As AWS users get ready for re:Invent, many share their thoughts on where Amazon could improve and what they hope the company will release in Vegas. Continue Reading


Amazon adds AWS Config, Aurora to cloud menu

Amazon served up a banquet of products at re:Invent, including Aurora and AWS Config, but attendees soon learned a few ingredients were missing. Continue Reading


Enterprises create third wave in AWS migrations

AWS paraded enterprise customers onto stage to show many are actively moving apps to its cloud, notes of caution on enterprise app migrations filled sessions. Continue Reading


AWS improves support, but enterprises still want more

After years of lackluster reviews, customers now rate AWS’s cloud support high. Still, enterprises say there’s room for improvement. Continue Reading


AWS re:Invent welcomes enterprise IT pros

Amazon Web Services is catering to more than hipsters and Valley venture dudes, with a mix of enterprise IT-focused sessions at re:Invent 2014. Continue Reading


CloudWatch gives IT pros reason to ditch third-party tools

CloudWatch Logs may give third-party tools such as Splunk, Loggly and Logstash a run for their cloud management money. Continue Reading


Microsoft's enterprise prowess could threaten AWS

AWS is a public cloud heavyweight, but Microsoft has the enterprise in its corner. What does that mean for Round 2 of this cloud fight? Continue Reading


Google PaaS sticks with early adopters

Early platform as a service (PaaS) adopters gravitated toward Google App Engine. Can it continue to win favor over Amazon Elastic Beanstalk? Continue Reading


Keeping up with AWS innovation

AWS partners must continually adapt to new services, but that can help invigorate their own companies. Continue Reading

2AWS architecture-

All things AWS architecture

Moving storage and big data services to the cloud means big business for many companies, and Amazon Web Services offers multiple options to meet their needs. But finding the right storage and analytics fit means keeping up with the ever-changing market. Here's a look at the latest options from AWS and where competitors are gaining ground.


AWS cloud provisioning gets facelift

AWS Lambda and the EC2 Container Service offer new ways to programmatically provision cloud functions and containers, without having to launch instances. Continue Reading


Startup looks to solve big data woes

Big data startup Cazena cuts through the ‘sexy data science’ speak to help enterprises deal with big data in the cloud. Continue Reading


Can’t decide between AWS or Google? You don’t have to

AWS and Google are neck and neck in cloud. With more vendors introducing interoperability tools for multi-clouds, companies no longer have to choose. Continue Reading


AWS storage service options abound

Do you know the differences between Simple Storage Service, Elastic Block Storage, Glacier storage and DynamoDB? AWS offers several storage services -- we give you a rundown. Continue Reading


Google and AWS battle over big data

Big data in the cloud is a growing market, and Amazon Web Services and Google continue trying to one-up each other on the data analytics front. Continue Reading


Firms tackle big data with AWS services

Business intelligence and data analytics are the top uses for cloud computing, survey data shows. Many companies are looking to AWS big data services to aggregate those mountains of data. Continue Reading


Redshift features lacking without third-party tools

Amazon's Redshift data warehouse offers speedy results on SQL queries, but an ecosystem of third-party tools is crucial for ease of use. Continue Reading

3Cloud security and compliance-

Shoring up an AWS cloud

Data security continues to be a major concern for the public cloud, especially for highly regulated or data-sensitive fields, such as government or financial markets. AWS continues to add features and services to help ease customer cloud worries, including encryption, authentication and more. But are they enough to make customers feel safe?


AWS and Google security options go beyond encryption

While Google and AWS offer decent cloud security options, both lack in areas like key management and regulatory compliance. Continue Reading


Federal Register picks AWS for cloud service

Government agencies on AWS can use GovCloud, a service that specializes in highly sensitive workloads, to protect public data. Continue Reading


AWS beefs up data encryption features

New data encryption features in AWS offer administrators more flexibility, but traditional enterprises aren't too keen on all the changes. Continue Reading


How to protect your AWS access keys

Developers can protect their AWS access keys using multiple forms of authentication and by following the simple steps offered in this tip. Continue Reading


DoD not ready to stand down on AWS adoption

AWS has the authority to host highly sensitive data in its GovCloud, but not many bureaucrats are ready to cut through the red tape. Continue Reading

4AWS glossary-

Need-to-know AWS re:Invent terms

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