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AWS vs. Google comparison guide


Over the last few years, Amazon Web Services had become a household name for public cloud providers. But other cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Google, are close on AWS' heels for customers and revenue.

In this guide, we examine the two top competitors in the public cloud space -- AWS and Google -- and compare them side by side on performance, cost, features and services. Armed with this information, you'll better understand where each infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider stands in the cloud market to make the best decision for your organization.


AWS, Google cloud performance put to the test

Many public cloud vendors promise high performance, but not all of them deliver. While poor cloud performance often stems from improper planning and misuse of applications, which cloud service provider you choose can also play a part. Choose a public cloud that consistently experiences outages and you'll pay the price. So, how do Amazon Web Services and Google stack up?


How did 2014 measure up for cloud outages?

Cloud outages happen, and when they do, enterprises feel the heat. So, which cloud providers had the fewest cloud outages in 2014? And which ones were off the charts? We take a look. Continue Reading


Breaking down AWS, Google SSD instance performance

Benchmark testing of AWS and Google's solid-state-drive-backed instances shows vendor performance promises don't always pan out. Continue Reading


Dark horse beats AWS, Google in comparisons

Trying to decide whether Amazon Web Services or Google is the better cloud platform? If you're looking for high performance, you may want to look at a completely different IaaS provider. Continue Reading


Google live migration attracts AWS users

To minimize downtime during a maintenance window, Google Compute Engine introduced live migration for VMs running on its IaaS -- a feature many AWS users covet. Continue Reading


Sizing up cloud storage options

Cloud storage pricing among AWS, Azure and Google is similar. Enterprises must look at operational costs and uses to find the best match. Continue Reading


Google bolsters cloud platform features

Adding important features, such as autoscaling, the ability to automatically add or remove compute resources, and reserved instances, will push Google to AWS' level. Continue Reading


AWS, Google compete on nearly level playing field

While AWS may be a household name in the IaaS cloud market, Google Compute Engine is a strong competitor when it comes to performance, storage and flexibility. Continue Reading


AWS or Google: Which is the better deal?

Low cost shouldn't drive public cloud buying decisions. But companies don't want expensive surprises either. In the uber-competitive world of public cloud providers -- where IaaS is a race to the bottom -- researching and understanding a cloud provider's pricing structure can pay dividends.


Understanding the cost behind AWS SSD volumes

While many Amazon Web Services shops welcome EBS volumes backed by solid-state drives, Google's option is also enticing. But one will cost you more in the long run. Continue Reading


Picking sides in the Google, AWS price wars

Price differences between Google Compute Engine and AWS may seem negligible, but a closer look reveals incremental differences. Continue Reading


Google wins race to bottom -- for now

Google and AWS often match one another on low-cost IaaS offerings. But companies need to look at several factors, such as reserved instances and free-tier discounts, to find the best value. Continue Reading


AWS zigs in response to Google's price cut zag

Google turned AWS users' heads with the introduction of some Cloud Platform features and steep price cuts. Amazon responded by slashing prices yet again. Continue Reading


It may not be a Google or an AWS world

Companies trying to decide between AWS and Google cloud platforms may not have to choose. In the emerging multicloud world, many companies are opting for both. Continue Reading


Finding the right fit for AWS and Google cloud

Lately, talk around public cloud is all about containers, big data and applications, applications, applications. Docker and big data technologies are all the rage -- promising companies less-complicated development and greater return on investment, among other things. Multiple cloud providers, including AWS and Google, drank the Kool-Aid, offering managed services for containers and for big data analytics. This section will help keep you up to date on which vendor supports which technology-- and what that can mean for your company.


Google containers stand out in crowded cloud market

In further attempts to shine brighter than the AWS and Microsoft public clouds, Google delivered a managed service for containers. Continue Reading


AWS and Google go head to head in big data

Big data cloud services is big business for IaaS providers. And while Google invented MapReduce, AWS has been the go-to technology for its use. Can Google's Dataflow technology match MapReduce? Continue Reading


Elastic Beanstalk still has some growing up to do

AWS may lead Google in IaaS, but Elastic Beanstalk lacks the maturity to get ahead when compared to Google's PaaS platform. Continue Reading


Autoscaling draws enterprises to Google

Google Compute Engine's Autoscaler tool better positions the IaaS provider to compete with Amazon and Microsoft, while drawing the attention of cloud-ready enterprises. Continue Reading


Google Compute Engine adds Windows support

To keep up with the Joneses of public cloud, Google Cloud Platform supports Windows, putting Google on par with AWS, Rackspace and other IaaS vendors already included in the licensing program. Continue Reading


Google buys Stackdriver for cloud monitoring

Google acquired AWS-focused cloud monitoring company Stackdriver, leading experts to suspect Amazon might follow suit with a similar acquisition. Continue Reading


Google flexes big data muscles

Google Cloud Dataflow, a managed service for creating data pipelines for data analytics, is the cloud provider's next big move in the big data space -- and a challenger of Amazon Kinesis. Continue Reading


IaaS, PaaS combo future of cloud, says Google

Google says there's more to its cloud offering than IaaS or PaaS. The cloud nirvana combines the two and enables customers to easily move up and down the stack. Continue Reading


Find your perfect match in public cloud

Which public cloud provider -- AWS or Google -- can make you happiest? Finding the perfect public cloud provider means researching what you really need and what that provider has to offer. Take this quiz to find out whether you have a better connection with AWS or Google.

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