Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service

Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) product from GenieDB. 

The DBaaS product allows organizations to build large-scale, multi-region, multi-master, high-performance applications. Benefits include geographical database distribution, continuous availability during regional outages and better application response time for globally distributed users.

GenieDB’s DBaaS allows enterprises to globally scale their existing MySQL applications without abandoning traditional database architecture. The DBaaS technology uses multi-master replication and multi-regional distribution on multiple cloud infrastructures including Amazon AWS, HP Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, and Google Cloud to help reduce latency, eliminate downtime and scale the database.

The GenieDB Management Console expedites the provisioning process of geographically distributed MySQL databases by simplifying their creation and maintenance. The management console automates updates, tuning and backup processes so that, as GenieDB CEO Cary Breese put it, companies can stay focused on primary business matters while GenieDB takes care of outages, availability and application response time.


This was last updated in April 2014

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