Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon Mobile Analytics is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) product that allows a developer to collect and analyze mobile application usage data. Analytics reports, which include revenue, user retention and in-app behavior, are based on events that correspond to users' in-application activity, and they are delivered within an hour of data being sent to the application.

Amazon Mobile Analytics scales with a developer's application to process billions of events from millions of end users. The fast processing speed allows the developer to quickly make data-intensive decisions to help increase end-user engagement and monetize applications. Developers can view graphical reports via the AWS Management Console, download the data in CSV form and export data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Amazon Redshift using the Auto Export feature. Graphical reports are divided into six tabs: overview, active users, sessions, revenue, retention and custom events.

To get started with Amazon Mobile Analytics, a developer adds the AWS Mobile SDK to his application and can access the product directly through the Amazon Mobile Analytics REST API. AWS also offers the Amazon Mobile Analytics SDK for JavaScript to interact with JavaScript applications. The AWS Mobile SDK includes Amazon Mobile Analytics, as well as support for iOS, Android, Fire OS and Unity. Data is cached when an end user's device is offline, and then uploaded when a network connection is re-established.

A developer can create and track custom events specific to their application or game. An account is limited to 1,500 unique custom events per application and 20 attributes per custom event.

Amazon Mobile Analytics offers a free tier of service that covers 100 million events per month. AWS charges $1 per million events after the free tier is exhausted.

This was last updated in November 2015

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