Amazon Echo Look

Contributor(s): Tim Culverhouse

Amazon Echo Look is a camera and style virtual assistant for consumers. As part of the Amazon Echo line of smart-home consumer devices, it uses Amazon Alexa voice-recognition capabilities to take hands-free pictures or video and offer fashion advice.

Choosing your wardrobe with Amazon Echo Look

An end user activates Amazon Echo Look through voice commands and takes a picture or video of a possible wardrobe choice. The device sends the photo or video to Style Check, a feature that uses machine learning and includes online advice from fashion experts. When an end user asks Style Check for a fashion recommendation, the program learns personal preferences and tendencies and uses pre-programmed experts to generate wardrobe suggestions that meet the latest fashion trends.

Amazon AI directs end-user commands

Amazon AI powers logic for the Amazon Echo Look. The end user directs commands to the device, which relays information using a ChatOps interface. Amazon Echo Look uses speech recognition technology to process the command and then generate a response. A user can store daily photos of outfits on a personal album called a lookbook; this album stores photos on Amazon Web Services public cloud. Amazon Echo Look also processes non-fashion voice or other photo and video requests, such as smart-home controls, Alexa skills and weather updates.

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