The AWS SDK for .NET is a collection of developer tools for the creation of .NET-based applications running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. The AWS software development kit (SDK) for .NET helps make AWS applications and services available through Web browsers across many devices and operating systems.

The AWS .NET SDK provides:

  • .NET APIs (application programming interfaces) for connection to important AWS components such as Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS and DynamoDB.
  • The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio project templates.
  • AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.
  • The AWS .NET Library.
  • C# code samples.
  • Documentation and reference material.

To get started, developers only need to download the SDK. Access to the SDK environment requires an AWS account and access keys.

The AWS SDK for .NET and other platform- and language-specific software development kits are part of Amazon’s platform-agnostic approach in their quest to reach all browsers and devices with their web store, Amazon Marketplace.

See a video introduction to the AWS SDK for .NET:

This was last updated in April 2014

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