AWS Competency Program

The AWS Competency Program is a partner program that recognizes Amazon Web Services associates who have obtained technical knowledge or reselling success in specialized Amazon cloud topics. The program, which is part of the AWS Partner Network, rewards vendors who gain expertise in these designated areas with marketing, public relations, business and technical support.

AWS offers different competencies for Consulting Partners and Technology Partners. Competencies are generally broad cloud topics and include these categories: government, migration, DevOps, mobile, security, digital media, marketing and commerce, big data, storage, healthcare, life sciences, Microsoft workloads, SAP workloads and Oracle workloads. An AWS customer first meets competency requirements and then submits an application to receive the competency designation.

A Technology Partner achieves competencies by integrating applications with certain AWS tools and services according to best practices. Each competency contains its own benchmarks, including demonstrating support in three or more regions, passing an AWS technical assessment and adhering to AWS' security standard practices. Benefits for these partners include access to customer opportunities, private beta releases, AWS roadmap briefings and webinars.

A Consulting Partner achieves competencies by meeting customer engagement standards, possessing a minimum number of certified AWS professionals and receiving validation from a third-party auditing firm. Benefits for these partners include public support on the AWS website and in the AWS Partner Directory, use of AWS-branded Competency Program logos and potential eligibility for future AWS announcements and partner spotlights.

This was last updated in September 2016

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