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Your guide to AWS re:Invent 2017 news and analysis


AWS re:Invent, the public cloud provider's signature yearly event, is back again. And the conference continues to expand, taking up more of the Las Vegas Strip each year.

This year's show figures to bring much of the same: a look into new AWS products and services, sessions to help AWS professionals expand their deployments and a gathering place for cloud enthusiasts around the globe. AWS re:Invent 2017 will bring together developers, administrators, DevOps engineers, big data experts and other IT professionals, all of whom use the AWS cloud for their own purposes and needs.

As we enter the annual AWS conference, questions are emerging about the cloud provider's strategy, especially for serverless computing, containers and AI. What will this year's keynote addresses reveal, and how can enterprise attendees take advantage of what they learn at the show?

IT professionals across a variety of roles can use this AWS re:Invent 2017 essential guide for news updates directly from Vegas and to stay on top of the latest AWS tools and skills.

1News, analysis-

Updates and insight from the show floor and keynotes

At AWS re:Invent 2017, the cloud provider will reveal its plans for the future. Recent developments around hybrid cloud and workload migration hint at further expansion outside AWS and into enterprise data centers. Increased automation and continuous delivery should also be focal points for AWS and are among the demands of its customers. And as new workloads and markets develop, expect AWS to make a greater push around the internet of things (IoT) and serverless computing. Reference this essential guide for the latest news, analysis, sights and sounds about these topics and more from the AWS conference.


AWS pushes serverless technology into databases

Databases were a big focus for Amazon at re:Invent. The public cloud provider not only unveiled a new graph database and made improvements to Aurora, but it improved data storage query capabilities. Continue Reading


SageMaker puts ML into dev teams' hands

A slate of new Amazon AI services adds to the cloud provider's video and machine learning capabilities -- a boon for enterprises. Continue Reading

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Jassy sounds off on variety of topics

AWS CEO Andy Jassy talked about the cloud provider's approach to a variety of technologies and topics at re:Invent. Continue Reading


Cloud security tools go further up the stack

AWS' shared responsibility model has been a source for confusion for some public cloud customers, but Amazon has responded to enterprise demand for more tools up the stack. Continue Reading


Managed services for IoT, containers dominate keynote

In its first keynote of re:Invent, AWS appealed to customers looking for ease of use for higher-level services. Continue Reading


AWS adds managed Kubernetes service

In addition to a service aimed at Kubernetes, AWS released Fargate that further changes the container landscape. Continue Reading


Cloud9 IDE meets with mixed reviews

As AWS Cloud9 enters a crowded market for developer tools, the cloud provider addresses a gap in its service portfolio. Continue Reading


Sights from AWS re:Invent 2017 through the eyes of attendees

AWS users voiced their opinions via Twitter from re:Invent in Las Vegas, reacting to long lines, new services and the massive scale of the conference. Continue Reading


Neptune pushes data points beyond relational stores

Amazon Neptune opens up graph database capabilities for customers, a big play into a market typically occupied by smaller vendors. Continue Reading

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Get to work with these four new AWS tools

AWS re:Invent was again the host of a dizzying array of services and features, but these tools an services in particular are the ones you need to know about. Continue Reading


Alexa's not just for the home anymore

AWS unveiled Alexa for Business, which grants new capabilities for the popular Echo family of devices to push into workplace productivity. Continue Reading


Amazon CTO urges steadfast encryption approach CTO Werner Vogels made no bones about the importance of encryption during his AWS re:Invent keynote, imploring customers to be diligent. Continue Reading


SageMaker opens up machine learning to all

Enterprises concerned about the complexity of machine learning can turn to Amazon SageMaker, which removes some of the complexity of the deep learning technology. Continue Reading


Take the best approach to get AWS certified

Don't believe all the rumors about AWS certification. Anthony Sequeira of CBT Nuggets sorts through truth in fiction as IT professionals seek certification at re:Invent. Continue Reading


Databases a focal point of re:Invent keynote

A new graph database service, Amazon Neptune, and upgrades to Aurora show AWS is committed to expanding its database portfolio. Continue Reading


Experts predict new AWS features for AI, Lambda and more

AWS' keynote addresses reveal a host of new technologies available to customers, as well as a peak behind the curtain at the cloud provider's roadmap. What might be in at this year's AWS conference? Continue Reading


Which new markets or industries will AWS target?

Never one to stand pat, AWS will likely trot out emerging use cases for its platform at re:Invent 2017, appealing to customers across a variety of markets and industries. Continue Reading

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AWS moves to KVM hypervisors, but won't ditch Xen

When Elastic Compute Cloud unveiled its C5 instance, AWS mentioned a new hypervisor in its blog post, which signals a shift away from its Xen-based hypervisor. Continue Reading


AWS hones its focus on hybrid cloud

AWS stands to benefit from its Red Hat and VMware partnerships in different ways, but both deals signal a desire to capture more hybrid cloud workloads. Continue Reading

2Administrators, architects-

Manage your AWS resources and services

Cloud admins require a specific set of skills and tools to effectively manage an AWS deployment. And those skills can vary based on how an enterprise implements the public cloud. Businesses with a hybrid AWS environment, for example, can benefit from Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Systems Manager, a set of services that lets admins automate management tasks across cloud instances and on-premises servers. For other hybrid users, familiarity with VMware Cloud on AWS will become a must. Meanwhile, all AWS admins -- regardless of their deployment model -- continue to prioritize security, account management and simplified migration processes. Learn which recent AWS tools and services can help meet your needs.


Multiple AWS regions aid DR -- at a risk

Enterprise customers that want to invest in disaster recovery can spin up multiregion deployments, but that approach comes with tradeoffs and can be pricey. Continue Reading


Run compute workloads across cloud, local servers

EC2 Systems Manager helps admins manage, patch and configure infrastructure, both in the AWS cloud and on premises. Follow these steps to get started. Continue Reading


AWS Organizations unifies sprawling cloud deployments

Large enterprises might have many AWS accounts with differing needs. The AWS Organizations service lets admins create consistent cloud use across the business. Continue Reading


Do you really need a bare-metal host?

While uses for bare metal still exist, many IT teams can turn to AWS' dedicated resources for the isolation they need. If that's not enough, VMware Cloud on AWS might be your best choice. Continue Reading


Protect the AWS root account at all costs

AWS account protection is a serious matter, but it takes on even more importance with the root account, which can endanger an entire business if compromised. Continue Reading


AWS still has a ways to go with hybrid

Enterprise admins now have more options for an AWS hybrid cloud, but the provider still has work to do to fully meet customer demands. Continue Reading


AWS enables server replication to the cloud

It can be hard enough to send data to and from the cloud, but server replication can be an even more complex problem -- one that AWS Server Migration Service aims to solve. Continue Reading


A deep dive into VMware Cloud on AWS prices

The AWS-VMware partnership marked a big foray for both companies into hybrid cloud, but it left a messy price comparison between VMware Cloud on AWS hosts and EC2 instances. Continue Reading


Build a complex, cost-conscious application

Amazon continues to make an effort to win over the developer community, incorporating technologies such as serverless computing and containers into its portfolio. Indeed, AWS unveiled several new developer services at last year's show, and app dev tools will likely share a significant portion of the spotlight this year. The cloud provider also continues to add to its arsenal of EC2 instance types, which include options for accelerated computing and high-performance workloads. Get caught up on AWS app dev and resource provisioning methods ahead of re:Invent 2017.


AWS load balancing evolves at transport layer

AWS has moved on from its Elastic Load Balancing tool, first unveiling Application Load Balancer in 2016 and, now, Network Load Balancer to address developers' evolving needs. Continue Reading


FPGAs, GPUs enable high-performance workloads

AWS beefed up its slate of EC2 instances, adding options for graphics processing units (GPUs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for accelerated computing workloads. Continue Reading


What does the future hold for Elastic Beanstalk?

Platform-as-a-service tools are becoming passe, argues David Linthicum, who says that serverless technology offers similar benefits to PaaS with fewer limitations. Continue Reading


Bring Lambda to the data center for offline development

The AWS Serverless Application Model now includes on-premises functionality that enables developers to build and test applications before deployment. Continue Reading


Compare Blox vs. Kubernetes for container orchestration

As containers grew in popularity, many developers incorporated Kubernetes within their DevOps tool chains. But how does AWS' open source orchestrator Blox compare? Continue Reading


Microservices, serverless reshape cloud development

AWS has adapted to new app dev methods based on serverless computing, containers and microservices. Each method offers its own benefits, as well as challenges. Continue Reading


Tackle uneven workloads with Batch

Developers can use AWS Batch to automatically provision the ideal number and size of EC2 instances for large workloads that don't particularly suit AWS Lambda. Continue Reading


Combine Lambda with AWS' IoT suite

IoT applications help businesses gain insight from internet-connected sensors. Developers can code logic with Lambda to build and test new IoT apps on AWS. Continue Reading

4DevOps engineers-

Automate AWS resources for speed and efficiency boosts

These days, it's not enough to deploy quality applications; you've got to deploy -- and patch -- them quickly. As such, DevOps takes on a greater role with many enterprises in the cloud, as they build continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines to push out new applications and updates. AWS provides automation capabilities across multiple accounts and regions, allowing DevOps teams to quickly specify the compute and security resources they need. But some experts believe AWS has room to grow. Get started with architecture automation with these helpful tips.


Automate across multiple AWS accounts

AWS CloudFormation added a StackSets feature that expands automation capabilities well beyond single-account architectures, which is a benefit to larger businesses. Continue Reading


Demand for these AWS skills is on the rise

As more enterprises adopt DevOps strategies, skilled professionals are in short supply. IT pros that can automate multi-cloud resources are more likely to find work in a changing jobs landscape. Continue Reading


CloudFormation, CloudWatch Events get upgrades

As IT teams roll security into the DevOps mix, AWS adapts its services to meet those needs. These two tools can help you achieve more consistency and develop complex security models. Continue Reading


Make sense of AWS job schedulers

AWS offers Step Functions, Batch and Simple Workflow Service for job scheduling, but which should you choose and when? Chris Moyer gets to the bottom of it. Continue Reading


How GitHub stacks up against other code repositories

While GitHub has become a favorite in the developer community, CodeCommit and CodeStar provide AWS-native options for customers who are all-in on Amazon's cloud. Continue Reading


Bake DevOps into the dough of a cloud migration

Why wait to automate your cloud infrastructure? Enterprises that want to move to AWS should take a DevOps approach from day one to save headaches later. Continue Reading

5Data analysts, scientists-

Manage and gain insights from your heaps of data

As enterprises shift more workloads to AWS, their data management and analytics practices need to keep up. It can be a difficult task to properly store and manage data, as it often comes in a range of formats and from a variety of heterogeneous systems. IT teams should evaluate AWS tools, including Glue, as well as the provider's various database options, such as Aurora. For multi-cloud users, it's critical to know how AWS' data management services compare to those from Microsoft and Google. And AWS shops with AI and big data implementations should ensure their data analysts are up to speed with technologies such as Amazon Machine Learning, Athena and Kinesis.


How Athena compares to Google BigQuery

Amazon Athena can handle large-scale data queries, but it only makes sense for infrequent requests. Weigh the service's pros and cons, and see how it differs from BigQuery. Continue Reading


Craft your data lifecycle management plan

As more teams shift to hybrid or multi-cloud, data storage and management become complicated tasks. AWS offers these tools to corral data and avoid integration snags. Continue Reading


Put a stop to manual data coding errors

Are you sick of extract, transform and load jobs? AWS Glue simplifies this task, as it automatically generates ETL code to reduce errors and let you analyze data faster. Continue Reading


AI and machine learning spur new IT roles

New technologies give businesses new options for data analytics and models, and savvy IT professionals can gain these skills to improve their careers. Continue Reading


Cloud providers battle over data management services

AWS, Azure and Google offer similar data management services but have different data analytics capabilities and pricing structures. Continue Reading


Move big data to the cloud at your own risk

While AWS offers several enticing tools for data analytics, customers with data stored on premises can run into migration hurdles at first and management challenges later. Continue Reading

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