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Where to turn for AWS developer support

AWS constantly rolls out new features and services for developers, which is both encouraging and frustrating at times. How does AWS support cloud development teams?

Modern app development strategies rely on the use of software development kits, which provide an assortment of prepackaged interfaces, API libraries, debuggers and other app development tools. SDKs support the creation of new applications that integrate with specific hardware systems or software frameworks.

And software development kits (SDKs) have two benefits for developers. First, they provide APIs that integrate with outside services or software to help shorten the software development lifecycle. Second, SDKs are language-centric, so they can minimize the amount of code or content overhead that's added to the final software product. As cloud providers such as AWS expand the range of services and functions, a growing crop of SDKs provides AWS developer support, helping them quickly develop new applications targeting those cloud services.

Regional user groups provide AWS developer support, with an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas, techniques and experiences.

AWS provides an array of SDKs and tools for software developers. In addition to a Java SDK, AWS offers SDKs for Google's Linux-based Android OS, Apple's iOS, Microsoft's .NET, as well as Node.js and JavaScript. AWS also offers SDKs for service-side scripting language PHP, along with higher-level languages like Python, Ruby, Go and an early SDK iteration for C++ software development. The AWS Mobile SDK provides a combined package of software support for iOS, Android, Fire OS and Unity languages that allow developers to quickly create cross-platform mobile device apps that use AWS cloud services.

The AWS Java SDK supplies comprehensive APIs for essentially all public cloud services. In addition, Amazon SDKs contain application programming interfaces (APIs) for most AWS utilities, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service and DynamoDB.

Documentation provides AWS developer support

Keeping up to date on ever-changing SDKs in AWS and throughout the app development world can be a challenge. Fortunately, each language-specific SDK version also includes documentation, reference material and examples to help developers create AWS cloud-enabled applications. Regional user groups provide AWS developer support, with an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas, techniques and experiences.

An AWS Developer Support Plan also offers a cost-effective way to use AWS Trusted Advisor checks to better provision resources and security. It also allows developers to connect with AWS associates for guidance on using its services.

It's important to remember that each language and platform -- such as a tablet running a Java application versus an iPhone running an iOS application -- has unique strengths and weaknesses. When a developer launches an SDK, it does not guarantee the reliability or performance of the final application. He must not only select the proper SDK to accommodate the target platform and language, but also demonstrate a suitable user experience through extensive performance and security testing as an integral part of the software development process.

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