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How can I put an end to AWS network issues?

Slow bandwidth is affecting our most critical cloud workloads and app performance. What options are available to improve network connectivity to the cloud?

Network troubleshooting can be a complex endeavor, especially when it involves local data centers and cloud service providers that are connected via public network. Complete failures aren't difficult to isolate, but AWS network issues, such as intermittent connectivity and application performance degradation, can be common and more insidious. Fortunately, cloud providers often offer detailed configuration and diagnostic guidelines to help IT teams identify problems quickly.

An increasing number of organizations with latency sensitive or mission-critical workloads use dedicated connections between the data center and cloud provider, which can help sidestep AWS network issues. AWS Direct Connect supports dedicated private connectivity between the enterprise and the cloud service. Direct connections can improve bandwidth and lower latency more than public network connectivity options can.

Services such as AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud's Direct Peering service or Azure's ExpressRoute can facilitate direct connections between an enterprise and the respective cloud provider. Regardless of the cloud service they settle on, businesses need to work with independent Internet service providers (ISPs), such as Verizon or AT&T, to establish dedicated network connections to the cloud service.

IT professionals can also turn to third-party tools, such as application performance monitoring packages, to offer early warnings of degradation before AWS network issues seriously affect the user.

Within the cloud itself, application instances can use resilient compute clusters and load balancing spread across more than one availability zone to preserve workload availability. But such strategies depend on the resilience of the cloud provider; enterprises have little, if any, practical insight into the infrastructure.

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