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Can AWS push notifications improve service performance?

Our enterprise connects resources in AWS to a local directory. What support does AWS Directory Service offer for messaging, and how can notifications help us track service performance?

In any IT environment, messaging is a critical component for receiving alerts when events occur. But there are a few factors that must exist for messaging to be useful, especially in public cloud: It must be timely, and it must reach all relevant personnel directly. AWS push notifications keep IT personnel informed of potential problems with cloud services.

AWS push notifications keep IT personnel informed of potential problems with cloud services.

In public cloud, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) pushes text or email messages from a service or application directly to corresponding subscribers. IT teams receive AWS push notifications, diagnose a problem and can take immediate action to fix it. Amazon SNS is often used to monitor cloud applications, workflow or orchestration systems, and to relay critical events, such as alerts from Amazon CloudWatch.

Amazon SNS is often combined with core AWS computing services -- including Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, CloudTrail and Simple Queue Service -- as customers choose which individual AWS tools best fit their business needs. Amazon also added SNS support for AWS Directory Service, allowing administrators to receive AWS push notifications for AWS Directory Service status changes.

For example, a service that unexpectedly fails could mean that there's a problem to troubleshoot, such as an issue with the local DNS server that will affect some cloud-based workloads. Conversely, a service that suddenly becomes active might indicate a possible security threat, enabling potentially unwanted domain trust relationships.

After enabling Amazon SNS, admins can create topics, add subscribers, edit topic policies and send AWS push notifications through the AWS Management Console. Users access the AWS Directory Service console through the AWS Management Console and configure notifications as needed. Developers can interface with SNS programmatically using the AWS SDK for Java.

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