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Amazon smart devices to expand in homes and businesses

Amazon's smart devices range from kitchen appliances to AI-powered assistants. Find out how the tech giant plans to extend its reach into more settings and capabilities.


Coronavirus disruption frays Amazon supply chain

Even as orders increase, disruption from the new coronavirus outbreak could have big consequences for smaller, third-party sellers on Amazon, as they will be punished for stock outages.


5 stories on the Amazon effect across industries and society

Amazon drives economic, tech and social change. See our coverage of the company's broad impact and growth strategy with these five stories.


Will Amazon gobble up food retail?

Amazon is a small player in the grocery store industry but one with increasing influence. It already has considerable technical innovations under its belt that have forced competitors to respond.

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AWS Basics

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    Amazon VPC traffic mirroring

    Traffic mirroring is a feature for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). The feature is used to monitor the network-level traffic of workloads.

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    Amazon Braket

    Amazon Braket is a fully managed AWS cloud service designed to allow users remote access to a single development environment for quantum computers.

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    data lake

    A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed.

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