• Data storage in the AWS cloud gets complicated

    David Linthicum reviews the benefits of database choices from Amazon Web Services and the advantages of leveraging object storage like Simple Storage Service as a storage category.

  • How to protect AWS access keys

    Security measures that safeguard access keys when using Amazon Web Services include training developers and defining identity and access management policies. Review even more ways in this tip.

  • Four questions for choosing a data analytics tool

    Data analysis allows enterprises to follow and adapt to changing market demands. Amazon Redshift and RDS are two cloud-based tools your enterprise might want to investigate.

  • Sifting through the AWS partner page

    Enterprises moving to public cloud often seek the help of an experienced integration partner. But with more than 1,000 choices to filter through, do you know what to look for in an AWS partner?


  • AWS Auto Scaling: The tricks of the trade

    David Linthicum reviews the tricks of the trade for AWS Auto Scaling that anyone building for scale in Amazon Web Services' public cloud platform should consider.

  • Five WorkSpaces tasks that won't manage themselves

    Amazon WorkSpaces alleviates much of the management headache and overhead of traditional desktops, but there are still five management tasks cloud admins need to handle.

  • AWS cloud provisioning best practices

    To design a highly available public cloud in AWS, it's best to provision regionally -- placing applications in regions closest to end customers. Knowing which availability zone to choose is step one.

  • Auto Scaling applications in AWS

    Learn how applying Auto Scaling to business applications can enhance organizational processes.

  • Data search with Amazon CloudSearch

    In this tip, Judith Myerson reviews the five steps necessary to build search indexes using Amazon CloudSearch, a helpful tool for building search indexes for documents in the cloud.

  • DevOps and Amazon Web Services

    David Linthicum explains the connection between AWS and DevOps, how it brings together development and operations to produce better applications and reduce the time it takes to improve and deploy t...

  • Advanced projects with AWS CloudFront

    Use AWS CloudFront to optimize the delivery of static content to users and to accelerate dynamic content. This makes the service more useful for non-video-related apps, such as speeding the distrib...

  • AWS availability improvements through Route 53

    Route 53 is an Amazon service that gets less attention than some of the others, but that doesn't mean it's not important. This scalable DNS service can improve network availability and reliability.

  • Amazon CloudFront best practices

    George Lawton explains best practices for Amazon CloudFront, a new content distribution network service now available for speeding the delivery of static and dynamic content using a variety of tech...

  • Bolster public cloud security with AWS VPC

    The devil is in the details when setting up Amazon VPC. Understanding your business needs and security requirements from the get-go can ease VPC setup and maintenance down the road.

  • Build search indexes with Amazon CloudSearch

    Judith Myerson explains how to use Amazon CloudSearch, a cloud-based search service, to create a search domain, upload data to the domain, build and deploy search indexes and start submitting searc...

  • Minimizing cloud service outages

    Cloud service outages can put a damper on business capabilities, services and wallets. Learn how to minimize the risks of outages.

  • Track user activity with CloudTrail

    AWS CloudTrail is a Web service that keeps track of AWS API calls in your account and stores logs from multiple accounts and multiple regions in the same S3 bucket. Learn to turn on AWS CloudTrail ...

  • Selecting AWS storage services

    AWS storage services include Simple Storage Service, Elastic Block Storage, Glacier storage and DynamoDB. Here is a breakdown of each service's characteristics and what it provides based on applica...

  • Is AWS Auto Scaling the right tool?

    Is AWS Auto Scaling the best method for your enterprise workloads or is predictive scaling better? As with all system-level decisions, you need to understand load patterns and expected performance ...

  • Performance management tools in AWS

    Application performance management tools can assist in ensuring your organization is using and getting everything possible from AWS.

  • Overcoming the dreaded RequestLimitExceeded error

    RequestLimitExceeded is a common EC2 error that occurs when you make too many calls to AWS instances. But how many are too many?

  • Monitor SQS with Amazon CloudWatch

    Learn how to use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor and access metrics for a Simple Queue Service.

  • Leverage financial intelligence systems with AWS

    The use of cloud financial intelligence systems offers insights into cloud usage, like how to track your AWS bill and understand how your AWS instances are leveraged.

  • Best Practices for Using Amazon EC2 instances

    Learn how to sign up for AWS, create an IAM user, create security groups and launch an EC2 instance using the AWS Management Console.