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AWS databases and analytics

Amazon Web Services provides companies with several database and analytics tools such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS Data Pipeline, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon EMR on Hadoop. Amazon's database tools can help consumers create value through the use of data analytics for applications like log analysis, Web indexing, and data warehousing. More about AWS databases and analytics

AWS infrastructure

Successfully moving workloads to the public cloud or hinging your entire business on AWS infrastructure can be a tricky endeavor. Companies must possess a strong understanding of all facets of the Amazon cloud, including instance types, reliability zones as well as ancillary products available within the cloud infrastructure. More about AWS infrastructure

AWS cloud development

Cloud application development is the heart of the AWS cloud. This section is dedicated to developers working with platforms such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which allows them to easily deploy and manage Web apps; AWS CloudFormation, which allows you to deploy a collection of AWS resources and AWS OpsWorks for DevOps type environments. More about AWS cloud development

Managing AWS

As more companies look to do business in Amazon's cloud, managing AWS services effectively becomes important. This section will outline areas such as pricing management, support, compliance for the AWS Partner Network and companies within the AWS Marketplace as well as those in vertical market industries. More about Managing AWS