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Test your knowledge: Amazon Simple Storage Service quiz

Think you know everything about Amazon Simple Storage Service? Test your storage knowledge with this 10 question quiz about Amazon S3.

Arguably one of the largest and most widely known object storage systems, Amazon S3 offers developers many options when it comes to cloud storage.

In this first installment of the AWS Storage Service Quiz Series, we'll test your knowledge of this simple storage service.

This was last published in September 2014

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How much did you learn from taking this Amazon S3 quiz?
I have learn lot of things from this quiz. Like pricing which I never focus on it.
AWS S3 is constantly changing, as well as being integrated with other AWS services (Kinesis, Aurora), so it's good to stay up to date on the new things being added. 
I need to keep up with some of the encryption capabilities. Changing quickly. 
I learned more about S3 where i was not that much familiar about the 3 pricing strategy, encryption, data transfer etc.
I think question 7 is dubious. How about a case where there are frequent changes of versions of file? The metadata will be bigger, right?
Amazon S3 has how many pricing components?  I said 4 (and got it wrong), but your answer, 3, only included request pricing, storage pricing, and transfer pricing.  What about transfer acceleration pricing? It's an optional component, but a component none the less.

Does anyone know what this answer would probably be on an official AWS exam?