Amazon Web Services brings Virtual Private Cloud to Europe Staff
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The Old Country gets Amazon's private cloud
Amazon Web Services is rolling out its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service in the EU after a U.S. public beta that saw many tweaks to the offering. Amazon's VPC mimics the traditional VPN connection hosters and colocation facilities offer to their customers. It provides a secure channel for accessing IT environments. A hoster's VPN provides access to a discrete group of computers that aren't otherwise available from the Internet.

VPC claims to do the same, but, of course, all of Amazon's cloud computers are always online; that's the point. You'll have to trust Amazon to properly fence off your special little part of its cloud for you.

Apparently, many are willing to do that. AWS reports enthusiasm and growing use. Opening the service in the EU will reassure AWS users concerned that their computing resources do not travel outside the EU for legal reasons -- the EU's privacy and surveillance laws are much more protective than the U.S.

enStratus supports vCloud Express
Cloud management software enStratus continues its quest to be the most ecumenical middleman with the announcement that users can now interact with VMware's work-in-progress public cloud service, vCloud Express. This latest in a series of rapid fire announcements from enStratus, including support for Microsoft System Center, Eucalyptus and ReliaCloud, support for vCloud Express highlights the continued interest in enterprise cloud computing.

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