Amazon Web Services consolidates bandwidth fees Staff
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Amazon continues race to the (pricing) bottom
Continuing to set the bar for "dirt cheap cloud providers," Amazon Web Services is doing away with tiered pricing for transferring data out of its cloud (and into your computers). All AWS services will now have the same prices: 1 GB per month is free; up to 1 TB is $0.15 per GB, going down to $.08 per GB per month for the packrats that transfer more than 150 TBs of data. That's about $120 per month in bandwidth fees. would very much like to meet the Amazon users chewing up 150 TB of data per month, if only out of perverse curiosity.

Of course, for the really cost-conscious, you can get unlimited, no-extra-charge hosting for $4.95 a month -- a 2400% savings over AWS.

IBM seeking Sino-cloud sales
IBM is reportedly increasing efforts to sell cloud to China. Big Blue is spurred on by 10% growth in sales last year and the opportunity to leapfrog right past traditional infrastructures directly into next generation connectivity and services, much as mobile phones blew by land lines in many parts of the developing world.