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Contributor(s): David Carty

The AWS IoT Button is a programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled handheld device that allows developers to push a button to execute a variety of actions in the Amazon Web Services public cloud. AWS designed the AWS IoT Button to help familiarize developers with Amazon cloud services.

To use the device, a developer needs an AWS account, must connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and then provisions the button with an AWS IoT certificate and key to create a secure connection to the cloud. A developer can then configure events and rules with the AWS IoT Rules Engine. A developer can customize the button's logic with three different types of button pushes: single click, double click or long press. Button pushes are programmable for a variety of household and enterprise actions, as long as they tie back to services in AWS.

AWS sends notifications through Amazon Simple Notification Service to correspond with button clicks and log-click activity in an Amazon DynamoDB table. Code custom logic is written in Python, Node.js or Java programming languages in an AWS Lambda function. The Lambda function also can interact with third-party tools and other internet of things objects.

The AWS IoT Button transmits the status of the device and button pushes through different LED color and blinking patterns. The battery for the button, which is not replaceable, lasts for about 1,000 presses. The AWS IoT Button is based on the Amazon Dash Button. Amazon sells the device in limited quantities; purchases often include a credit for AWS' public cloud services.

This was last updated in December 2016

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