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April 2013

  • Opscode Chef

    Chef is an open-source systems management and cloud infrastructure automation framework created by Opscode. Devops can use Chef to deploy and manage servers and applications in-house and in the cloud.

  • Amazon RedShift

    Amazon RedShift is a fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse service. RedShift is designed for analytic workloads and connects to standard SQL-based clients and business intelligence tools.

  • Amazon Dynamo Database (DDB)

    Amazon Dynamo Database (DDB) is a fully-managed NoSQL database service. Dynamo Database is known for extremely low latencies and scalability.

  • Amazon ElastiCache

    Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed caching service. ElastiCache is protocol-compliant with Memcached, an open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching for system speeding up d...

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

    Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a fully-managed SQL database service. Amazon RDS offers an array of database engine choices to help with database management tasks such as migration, bac...

  • Can Amazon deliver on AWS enterprise development promises?

    Experts say that Amazon Web Services falls short when it comes to enterprise application development -- a reality that Amazon is working to change.

  • What factors should I consider before buying AWS reserved instances?

    Reserved instances can be purchased from AWS for a lower rate than on-demand instances, but they might not always be the right fit.

  • Startups omit in-house IT with Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services is enticing small businesses that anticipate growth to become AWS customers, but enterprises aren't as open to the new technology.

  • Amazon promises to lower AWS cloud pricing

    The race to the bottom in pricing for cloud services will continue, as Amazon, Microsoft and other providers undercut one another.

  • AWS Summit: Focus on time-to-market to pick the right cloud database

    Companies must focus on time-to-market concerns to choose the right database for a cloud project, Amazon's Rahul Pathak said at this week's AWS Summit.

  • AWS Summit: Hybrid IT a 'proving ground' for cloud-curious enterprises

    Many enterprises are embracing cloud by way of hybrid IT architectures. Cloud solutions architect Brian Adler explained at the 2013 AWS Summit.

  • Optimizing your AWS cloud storage options

    AWS offers three cloud storage services, each with a different costs and features. Assess the benefits and drawbacks of each to find the best fit.