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Partners and development tools bolster the AWS ecosystem

With its partner network and enhanced development tools, Amazon Web Services is following in the footsteps of other major vendors in creating an ecosystem around its key products. This handbook provides advice on how best to explore and use the ...


Review and analyze code to secure apps in the cloud

Think ahead and conduct regular reviews of vulnerabilities to build secure applications in the AWS cloud.


AWS condenses TLS with s2n

A slimmed-down, Amazon-created version of the Transport Layer Security standard has been open sourced. Will it head off future cloud reboots?


Big Brother looks forward to data analytics on AWS

The NSA is about to move some of its IT infrastructure to AWS as it seeks ways to increase efficiency and security and to analyze vast amounts of data.

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AWS Basics

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    AWS Reserved Instances (Amazon Reserved Instances)

    AWS Reserved Instances are virtual servers spun up in Amazon Web Services, allowing cloud administrators to purchase computing power at contract pricing.

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    Amazon EC2 Container Service

    Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) allows AWS cloud users to manage Docker containers, which house groups of virtual servers called clusters.

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    AWS Educate (Amazon Web Services Educate)

    AWS Educate aims to teach the next generation of IT cloud professionals how to use Amazon's platform, offering free and discounted content for college students and educators.

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