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Pros and cons of AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Certificate Manager solves some problems companies experienced with traditional SSL certificate services like GoDaddy and But it's not without some problems.

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Keep data safe with AWS encryption

We're not sure a public cloud is right for us, as we have high standards for data privacy. How does AWS encrypt data, and what key management options does it offer?

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Don't get lost in AWS regions and AZs

Looking for basics on AWS regions and availability zones -- and how that translates into uptime and availability for cloud workloads? We've got answers.


Construct a bulletproof cloud

Many enterprises are turning to AWS for its suite of disaster recovery tools and capabilities. Those enterprises must understand their application needs before constructing a DR architecture.

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AWS Basics

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    Amazon EC2 Container Registry

    Amazon EC2 Container Registry is an AWS product that stores, manages and deploys private images of Docker containers, which are managed clusters of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

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    Amazon Aurora

    Amazon Aurora is a relational database engine from Amazon Web Services. The engine is MySQL-compatible, which means code, applications and drivers used in databases relying on MySQL can be used in Aurora with minimal or no changes.

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    AWS Config Rules (Amazon Web Services Config Rules)

    AWS Config Rules (Amazon Web Services Config Rules) is a service that allows an IT administrator to set desired guidelines for creating and configuring AWS resources.

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