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A quick look at storage options in AWS

If you're confused about which data storage option is ideal for your enterprise, refer to our reference sheet on AWS tools and services. Each service features strengths and weaknesses worth considering.


CloudFormation helps compile IAC environment

CloudFormation templates help IT teams quickly and safely update AWS-based applications. The time saved on the back end could make infrastructure as code worth the initial effort.


Azure, Google and others closing in on AWS market

AWS continues to post healthy revenues, but a closer examination of the numbers may reveal a backward trend. And competition is heightening from AWS' rivals.


A look at the many uses of Amazon Machine Learning

Creating machine learning models was once a complicated task, best left to mathematicians. But AWS and several other companies are making the technology accessible to enterprises.

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AWS Basics

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    Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts

    Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts are servers with virtual machine capacity dedicated to one Amazon Web Services customer, instead of sharing server capacity with other customers.

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    AWS CodeCommit (Amazon Web Services CodeCommit)

    AWS CodeCommit is a source code storage and version-control service for Amazon Web Services' public cloud customers.

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    AWS CodePipeline (Amazon Web Services CodePipeline)

    AWS CodePipeline is an Amazon Web Services product that automates the software deployment process, allowing a developer to quickly model, visualize and deliver code for new features and updates. This method is called continuous delivery.

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