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SecOps puts security into the development spotlight

Developers put security second in the software development process. SecOps rolls the continuous threat testing and monitoring makes it a priority.


Testing AWS apps with Spot Instances

Using AWS Spot Instances when testing server setups can help companies tinker with different configurations without affecting the budget.

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Finding costs savings with AWS Reserved Instances

It's important to understand the differences in AWS Reserved Instance tiers to get the most return on your investment.


Maintain security configurations with OpsWorks

Automating configuration and change management with OpsWorks can help admins ensure consistency and security for cloud-based apps.

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  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) management

    AWS to reboot EC2 to fix Xen vulnerability

    For AWS shops, news of another reboot in the EC2 fleet shows the cloud provider is staying on top of its security responsibilities.

  • AWS big data and data analytics

    AWS shops eye Azure Machine Learning

    What does Microsoft have that AWS doesn't? Better-integrated machine learning resources for business intelligence apps.

  • AWS compliance, governance, privacy and regulations

    Managed policies ease AWS IAM work

    Amazon Web Services IAM now supports managed policies, which allows IT teams to cut back on manual processes.